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Friday, June 4, 2010


I was so stoked that these were coming on Thursday June, 3rd that I got them early so I could check them out.  There are once again 5 maps in this pack(same as the Stimulus Map Pack).  These new maps are arguably the best NEW maps yet.  Very well balanced.  The new maps are...
1) Fuel:  THIS MAP IS HUGE!  It is easily the biggest map I've seen from Infinity Ward.  They have the "Domination", "Capture the Flag", "Sabotage", and "Search and Destroy" spots in very odd locations.  As well as off to the side there is a giant empty desert area that leads to a small barreled alcove.  There are so many buildings as well as corners to turn it is a campers dream.
2) Carnival:  This level is soooo cool!  Because it is a themed carnival, they can change the landscape to almost whatever they wanted.  There are many landmark areas in this level, so there are many places that a communicator can call out.  There is a fun house with a giant clown mouth entrance, a castle front with drawbridge, carousel, rocket ship, ufo, the list goes on.  Very well balanced as well as great for objective games.
3) Trailer Park:  A medium sized map.  But with all the little nooks and crannies it has, it makes it feel like a bigger map.  There is a lot of fences and walls in between the trailers here too, so it is like a maze.  Ultimately hard to camp as well because there are so many entrances and exits to areas too.  Or the area is so small to sit in that one grenade or noob tube will end things pretty quick.  So you better be on the move and aware of your surroundings or you will get crushed.
4) Strike: This level was originally in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.  One of the best maps that game had to offer, it makes a triumphant return!  Absolutely fantastic for any kind of game type.  They also upped the graphics and lighting intensely for this map.  Infinity Ward made a few tweaks to this level to balance it out better as well.  Such as, opening doorways that were previously closed or lighting darker areas so people can be seen better in them.  Great map.
5) Vacant:  One of my personal LEAST favorite maps from the first Modern Warfare is back.  It is incredibly small and open.  There are many many places to be flanked from no matter where you are.  Spawn killing can be a problem in this level as well.  They did however improve the lighting.  Not as ultra dark as it was before.  But.  Still one of my least favorite maps.  Team Deathmatch is fun on it as well as Sabotage and Free-For-All. 

Well, let's hope they put out one more Map Pack before the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops in November!  I want two other maps from COD4:MW!  Please bring Ambush and Crossfire back! :D


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