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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FIRST REVIEW: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 new Stimulus Map Pack

About three weeks ago a new map pack for COD:MW2 was released.  It has been dubbed, "The Stimulus Package".  It features five new maps.  Here is a list of the names of the maps and details.
1) "Bailout"
Bailout is a very interesting map.  It is a bunch of broken down apartment buildings.  But the level offers a lot of different cover and altitude advantages.  Claymores, grenade launchers(noob tubes), and shotguns help a lot on this map seeing as most of the fighting tends to be close quarters.  Team Deathmatch is a blast on this level, very fast paced.
2) "Storm"
Storm has to be one of the best maps I've seen for a map pack in any COD series yet.  It is very well balanced as far as people who tend to sit back and pick people off(camp) can do well.  But people who are more of a run and gun player, you still can do very well if you stick to close quarters and indoors.  Domination and Free-For-All are very solid game types for this map.
3) "Salvage"
This is personally my favorite of the new maps.  A very wide open map, Salvage is a snowy junkyard, fortified and stacked with debris as well as crushed cars.  There is a cabin that I love to play in with a sniper rifle, ACOG scoped assault rifle, and claymores.  Great for long distance kills up the middle of the map.  Ground War and Team Deathmatch are fantastic and intense on this map.
4) "Crash"
Now Crash is TECHNICALLY not new.  It is new to COD:MW2, but it was originally in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as a fan favorite map.  Crash is based around a downed helicopter in the middle of the map.  This helicopter can serve as cover or a great hiding place in the Domination game type, seeing as the "B" capture point is quite literally right there.  There is also a three story building that snipers tend to run to seeing as it has an amazing vantage point.  My favorite map from COD4: MW.
5) "Overgrown"
Just as "Crash" was originally from COD4:MW, so is Overgrown.  Overgrown is a very grassy level.  It features a dry creek bed allowing players to lay down(go prone) in it, as well as run from one side of the map to the other quickly.  Two bridges run perpendicular to the creek bed also allowing two other ways to get across the map.  The center of the play generally is around "Grandma's House".  Which is a house that is two stories.   Which offers more cover as well as the ability to get on the roof.  So this house is key to a win in any Deathmatch type.  It gives the ability for great cover, as well as being able to see nearly the whole map from the roof.  Another stellar map from COD4:MW.

Overall I honestly think this is the best Map Pack I have seen ever in ANY Call of Duty game.  Two more maps as well as Infinity Ward defiintely listened to their fans.  Good to see that my money didn't go to waste.  On XBox 360 it costs 1200 Microsoft Points.  It is not on Playstation Network yet, it will be released soon for the PS3.  Hang tight PS3 owners!


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