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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

REVIEW: Halo: Reach Beta Part 2 of 2

       The final part of my review is going to be about the final things I got to play in the beta as well as improvements that I feel should happen.
       There was three new weapons I left out last time by the way.  The Focus Rifle, Grenade Launcher and the Plasma Launcher.
1) Focus Rifle: The Focus Rifle is a mix between the Sentinel Beam and the Beam Rifle from the older games.  It shoots a very powerful beam that deals massive damage as well as it can zoom in like a Sniper Rifle.  This thing is not very cool in my opinion.  It was tough to get kills with.  Then again I was on a map with lots of small things to use as cover.
2) Grenade Launcher:  This bad boy packs some wallop but is very hard to hit people with.  Just like your frag grenades, the grenades that are shot need to bounce once then explode.
3) Plasma Launcher: This brand new covenant answer to the grenade launcher is quite interesting and awesome!  It fires by holding down the trigger.  The longer said trigger is held down it will launch up to I believe 4 plasma grenades in a short burst.  If you want to shoot a single plasma grenade you can by tapping the R Trigger.  The best part about this is that you can stick people with it!  So if people are in  a group, simply hold down the trigger and blast them all to kingdom come!
       I finally got to play Covenant Slayer AKA Covy Slayer!  It was rather fun I must say.  The Elites have two loadouts so far.  The Warrior and the Zealot.
1) Warrior:  The Warrior Loadout gives you a Plasma Repeater, Plasma Pistol, 2 Plasma Grenades, and the ability to dash forward at your enemy.
2) Zealot: The Zealot Loadout gives you a Needle Rifle, Plasma Pistol, 2 Plasma Grenades, and the ability to roll in a given direction to evade your enemies.
Both of these loadouts were honestly very boring.  I wanted more.  I know the Elites can do more than just run and roll,
       The new gametypes I tried were, Stockpile and Headhunter.
1) Stockpile: Stockpile is capture the flag on steroids.  This gametype is 4 on 4 and has 5 flags scattered throughout the map that you must retrieve and bring back to your base.  The catch is that you have to keep them there and about every 30 seconds they get counted into your score and then respawned wherever you originally got them.  First to 10 wins.  This can get very hairy when you get 4 flags in your base and one of your enemies decides to pay a visit and steal one of the flags you put there.  Makes for a good match, I just think it needs more people in it, 5 on 5, or 6 on 6 would  suit this better in my opinion.
2) Headhunter: Headhunter is  a really neat idea.  This game type is an 8 player Free-For-All based gametype. But when you kill someone, skulls fly out of them and you need to collect them to go toward your skull count.  You will see white circular "Drop Zones" if you will, scattered throughout the map.  If you get to one with some skulls in your pocket, then it gets put into your overall score.  If you are killed then all your skulls fall out and can be stolen by your enemies.  Pretty damn fun I must say.  A Big Team Battle Headhunter would be epic.  I really think it should happen.  Bungie, let's do this.
       Well guys, this concludes my Halo:Reach Beta review.  If I see anymore new or cool things to mention, I will do a few more quick info posts!


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  1. Very in-depth!! Great stuff. Halo: Reach has been really fun.