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Saturday, May 1, 2010


       I finally got my copy of Super Street Fighter IV in the mail, and it is a great game.  Capcom went above and beyond for their fans with thie game.  They added 10 more characters(now bringing the total to 35), costumes, stages, 2 ultra combos and much more to the new SSF4. All the characters have also been re-balanced to make some characters slightly better and some slighty nerfed(toned down).  Ryu, Sagat, and Zangief, who were powerhouses in the first SF4, were nerfed down to make them more balanced with the rest of the cast.  While some characters such as Vega were actually given a slight damage increase to make them more playable.  I am incredibly happy they don't have the cheesy "Indestructible" theme that they had in SF4.  They instead went with a more serious and exciting soundtrack, as well as the announcer is very good and keeps you enjoying the game. The new characters that were added are:
1) Adon: Originally from "Street Fighter 1" as well as the "Street Fighter Alpha" series.
2) Cody: Originally in the Capcom game "Final Fight", also in the "Street Fighter Alpha" series.
3) Guy: First appearance was with Cody in "Final Fight" and the "Street Fighter Alpha" series.
4) Hakan: An original character for "Super Street Fighter IV".  He is a Turkish oil wrestler and a rather comedic fighter to boot.  All of his moves revolve around his oily body and slip sliding you all over the place.
5) Juri: Juri marks the first Tae Kwon Do character to ever be in a "Street Fighter" game.  She is also a "Super Street Fighter IV" original.  Her style of play is rather interesting.  Obviously a kick heavy fighter, she always uses her legs, to grab, do her Ultra Combos, even to throw her projectiles.  She is very balanced and has great character.  She is insanely evil and rather sexual as well with her innuendos.
6) Ibuki: This female ninja was in the "Street Fighter III" series and was a fan favorite.  She finally makes her return after a huge fan uprising. 
7) Dudley: Dudley made his first appearance in the "Street Fighter III" series and was a heavily played character. His old school English boxing is the perfect opposite to Balrog's American style boxing.  We finally get the chance to have the dream match of Balrog Vs. Dudley!
8) Makoto: Makoto came on the scene during the "Street Fighter III" games.  Originally supposed to be Ryu's sister, that idea was scrapped and she is just a stand alone character.
9) T. Hawk: This giant Aztec Indian burst into the Street Fighter games very early.  He was in the "Super Street Fighter II" game, which came out in 1993 to the arcades.
10) Dee Jay: This crazy jamaican long with T. Hawk originated in "Super Street Fighter II".  His upbeat attitude and style of play made him a staple in the older "Street Fighter" games.  He is back with a vengeance in the new installment.

       Overall I am incredibly happy with this game, I just wish Capcom made Street Fighter IV this good instead of having me buy another game.  However, they definitely realized that should have been the case as well, so the game has been priced at $39.99 respectively.  That extra $20 off is nice I suppose.  If you're a Street Fighter fan, or even a fighting game fan, go pick this up!



  1. This is the definitive version!! I was pleased with the price of the game and the new characters. The online interface and balancing of characters are nice tweaks to game as well.

  2. This is definitely worth the price, although I also wish they didn't gouge us with the 3.99 dlc costume packs. oh well, don't NEED them. One thing that wasn't mentioned in the review is the return of the bonus games "car crusher" and "barrel breaker" from SF II. New online multiplayer modes are well done as well