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Friday, May 14, 2010


So.  Turns out a lot has happened in the fighting game world in the past few days.  Turns out there were some awesome new characters announced in two great games.  The first being Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.  The second being King of Fighters XIII.  Now.  There were 4 new characters announced from MVC3.  They are:
1) Captain America: This patriotic hero is no stranger to the "Vs." series.  He has been in 4 of the first 5 games.  Those games are: Marvel Super Heroes, Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Vs. Capcom, and finally Marvel Vs. Capcom 2.
2) Felicia:  This buxom cat girl is also a veteran to the series.  She originally appeared in the Darkstalkers series, then later jumped into the Vs. series appearing in the game Marvel Vs. Capcom 2.
3) Deadpool:  All I have to say is......FINALLY!  This character is ridiculously awesome.  A true fan favorite of most of the Marvel characters, he is a smart mouth, trash talking, gun wielding, sword toting SOB.  This guy has never been in the "Vs." series yet and no one can figure out why.  Nevertheless, he is here now!  AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HOW HE PLAYS! (HOPEFULLY HEAVY ON THE TRASH TALK!)
4) Dante:  Another character fans have cried out for!  The main protagonist from the "Devil May Cry" series, Dante is quite a cool character.  His arsenal includes many things.  Spiritual attacks, check.  Two smokin' pistols, check.  One BADASS sword, check.  Enough guts to fight Jesus himself?  Check.  This guy is going to make a super amazing addition to the series.

The other game in question was King of Fighters XIII.  The FINAL character addition to KOFXIII is....issssss...Kula!  This crazy green haired woman finishes out the "K' Team" as well as the character roster to KOFXIII!

I will be trying to add pictures as well as videos shortly, hold on tight if I do.  ;)


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