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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

REVIEW: Tecmo Bowl: Throwback

       Now I played the old Super Tecmo Bowl game to death on my NES.  Probably my favorite football game ever.  It was so simple yet SO FUN.  This is more of the same!  This new installment to the "Tecmo Bowl" franchise is fantastic and well done.  They realize that the old school play is heavily favored, so what did Tecmo do?  They allow you to switch between their new 3D graphics, back to the old school SNES graphics ON THE FLY,  all at the press of a button!  Which I thought was great.  Only thing this game is lacking is the NFL license it used to have, obviously because of EA and the Madden franchise.  BUT.  They also realized that, and planned ahead.  You can switch the names of every single team in the game as well as every single player in the game!  Hats off to Tecmo for the well thought out planning and old school gameplay.


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